Yoga Studios

Bear Paw Yoga

Our studio is 1000 sq. ft. including the reception area. We have a beautiful hardwood floor to practice on. Our space is neutral, fresh, clear and everyone feels invited, just like in the forest, where we find peace and freedom. Our reception area includes a purified water fountain and a retail section where people can find a variety of interesting eco-friendly yoga clothes and good quality yoga mats.

lululemon Athletica
118 4154 Village Square, Whistler, B.C.
V0N 1B4

lululemon offers complimentary yoga outside of store hours.  Check in the store for schedule.

White Gold Yoga
7174 Nancy Greene Drive, Whistler, B.C.
V0N 1B7

Unfortunately White Gold Yoga has now closed. Please visit the directory for one of the many other Whistler Yoga Studios. Namaste.

With roots in Baptiste Power Yoga, this small home based studio has a fantastic energy about it.

Yama Yoga
4500 Northlands Blvd
The Tennis Club
V0N 1B4
The intention behind YAMA YOGA is to embrace the joy of life, laughter and love with the ethical practices of YAMA (the attitude we have towards things and people).

The owner, Colleen Felgate and her instructors embody these intentions through their practices believing that with love, laughter, compassion and understanding that we can balance, stabilize and promote each other. We can help each other see ourselves for who we truly are that we are not alone on this journey and while we are all imperfect we are also perfect too.

Yama Yoga has grown out of the belief and experience that life can be imbalanced, unstable and uncertain yet through the support of community, colleagues, friends and family that we can not only appreciate our self worth, we can come into the light.

Yogacara Studio
#205 4433 Sundial Place, Whistler, B.C.
V0N 1B4
YYoga Neoalpine
1005 Alpha Lake Road, Whistler, B.C.
V0N 1B0

Located in function junction this large studio offers a variety of classed daily.