Nervous System Health

Triangle Whistler
202-1420 Alpha Lake Road, Whistler

Triangle Whistler is a facility where a variety of individual wellness practitioners practice and offer their services.  A number of practitioners offer their modalities.  This facility offers a space for practitioners offer their services.

Triangle is a multi-modality clinic offering:

Naturopathic Doctor
Nervous System Health
Massage Therapies
Alternative Healing

Visit the web site to see the variety of practitioners and healing modalities available at this unique clinic.

604 962 9642
Edward Dangerfield – Healer

Edward Dangerfield is a healer focussing on Nervous System Regulation and Intuitive Trauma Release.
He is trained in Chinese Massage and Manipulation, Biofield Energy Healing, Breathwork and Trauma Release.
He is a neuroscience geek.