Advertising on Whistler Wellness

First of all… let me tell you about where your advertising dollars go on Whistler Wellness.  While we are technically not a non-profit organization we are acting as a directory for all wellness businesses in the Whistler area.  50% of your advertising dollars go right back to building and growing traffic to Whistler Wellness so that your advertising dollars go further.  The other 50% goes to paying for maintenance and up keep of the website. 

  1. Directory Listing
    • free 180 day listing with basic information
    • standard 1 year listing with link to your web site – $60 per year
    • premium 1 year listing with link to web site 3 pictures, and 3 months under Featured Listing on home page – $120 per year
  2. Banner or Display Advertising
    • banner advertising – above directory $20 per month
    • display advertising – on right hand column – $15 per month

There are two main ways to advertise on Whistler Wellness

Directory Listing

Banner or Display Advertising