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We are all aware that our brain health is very important.  So why don’t we take care of it like we do our bodies?  Probably because we have not learned what and how much fitness we need to do to in fact have a healthy brain.  Over the years I have worried about my physical fitness – eating right and exercising.  At the same time I have spent very little time worrying about my brain.  In fact, I was even a late adopter in wearing a bike helmet and ski helmet and knowing that every drink of alcohol damages (or kills) I continue to enjoy my red wine.  Taking care of your brain – being able to think better and faster is not something I have given a lot of attention to.  Until now.  As I have gotten older I have wondered about the possibility of creating a healthy functioning brain that will last for the long term… is that even possible?  I have also wondered in my professional work can I actually do things to improve my alertness, memory, and thinking.

  • Are you lucky enough to have a healthy functioning brain?
  • Are you confident you are performing at your peak?
  • Will your brain health stay with you as you get older?

The world has changed in terms of the toxins in our environment and we know several of the environmental toxins are absorbed within the brain (toxins have crossed the blood/brain barrier and stay as foreign particulate within the brain space.  Diseases of the brain such as dementia or Alzheimers are increasing at alarming rates within the population.  There is more information that is coming out with regard to improving day to day cognitive function and brain health as well as ‘prevention’ or delaying the onset of the age based loss of cognitive function.

The basics to brain health include*:

  • Getting cardio vascular exercise – well good news – that focus you have been giving your body also helps your brain
  • Getting enough sleep – each person is different however the average is 7 to 8 hours
  • Drinking enough water – this is obvious to most of us who have focused on our physical health – the brain is no different it needs to be well hydrated
  • A diet rich in vegetables and fruits and minimal in animal products (meat and dairy)
  • Supplements focused on brain health (N.O.-tropics) The best I have learned about is Mastermind from Allysian Sciences
  • (for more information on these basics follow the link at the bottom of this post)

Many of us have relied on coffee for a quick brain boost.  I have loved coffee because it works for me…  however it is terribly addictive and is often full of toxins itself and is only a short term boost.  To really make long term benefits you need to focus on these other key things to do to protect and enhance the health of your noodle.

If I broke my arm, I could still work.  However, if I ended up with a brain injury

* N.O. tropics – Supplements for your brain  (natural, organic, vegan, made in Canada from Allysian Sciences).  If you have any questions – contact me.

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