Runners Bootcamp

Just to let you know Runner’s Bootcamp is happening! If you have clients, friends, family who have running in their daily/weekly routines please pass along to them to sign up.

  • Sundays from 8 – 9 am
  • Sunday, April 9th to May 14th
  • Course #22292
  • $60 for 6 weeks

Guaranteed 30 mins of running drills/skills and whatever continuous running planned for the day (weather and space dependent) + the all-important 30 mins of Mobility, Stability and Strength work that keeps our running on track. Finally – weekly emails with tips, tricks and tools J


Make sure your workout kit  has a water bottle, maybe a post-workout snack and gear for outside portions of the workout (weather dependent of course but if the weather is not too bad we will go out)…and perhaps a towel if outside is wet.

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