Hooked on Plants – Julia Murray

Whistler’s home town girl, Olympian, holistic nutritionist, and creator of ‘Jules Fuel’ has created a web site offering a variety of plant based recipes and information.

I love the way Jules very simply explains why plant based. “For your health, for the planet and for the animals”.  Well put Jules.  When people have asked me or I have explained to others why I’ve chosen to live a vegan lifestyle it is for the same 3 reasons – however it has been a bit more wordy than that.  We will go into more detail on why vegan in other posts.   For now, take the time to explore Jules web site and what she is up to.  A Whistlerite for whom wellness and lifestyle helped her become an elite athlete and is now focused on helping others with their own healthy living endeavors.  Great work Jules!

Visit her web site Hooked on Plants 


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